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WW1 Victory Medal

Here is the US Victory Medal (each Allied country had their own design.About British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920. Allied Victory Medal (Victory Medal).Portugal Portuguese Wwii Medalha Da Vitoria Victory Medal Replacement.

World War 1 Medals

The idea of an inter-allied medal to commemorate victory in what was termed.WW1 was remembered by only one campaign medal in the US, taking the form of the medal common to all of the.

Inter Allied Victory Medal

French Military Medals WW1

Beautifully designed. WW1 Interallied Victory Medal, official type in bronze (marked for Paris mint).After World War One it was agreeed to by all the Allied Countries that the World War 1 Victory medal they put out would have the same design, such as all would have.

WW1 Medals and Ribbons

This is an outstanding shadow box framed display case with all of the US Navy campaign and service bars for the WWI Victory medal.

WW1 Victory Medal Clasps

Official 1 Victory Sale. Shop for Official 1 Victory for sale on eBay. Rare Romanian Medal Bar 10 Medals Official Ww1 Victory Turkish And Balkan War More.

India Medal 1895 Indian Mutiny Inter-Allied Victory Medal J L Pennefather Jack.Each of the Allied powers taking part in WWI agreed to issue its own medal commemorating victory.Canadian expeditionary forces,. was the first Allied. 20, Victory Medal.

Marne French Victory Medal WWI

G591 Romania 1928 Fidac Congress Wwi Allied Veterans Federation Victory Medal.Locate ww2 victory on sale today online. France 6 Medal Ww2 Allied Veterans Italian British Victory Cross.

French Victory Medal

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Military Medals WW1

Please click below to view our selection of militaria and antique items for sale.The basic design and ribbon was also adopted by Belgium, Brazil.